Lake Parsippany Model Yacht Club



The Lake Parsippany Model Yacht Club was officially formed in March 2017.  

Club members have been sailing from Johnson Beach, but they have permission to launch their yachts from any beach or association facility.  

Joining LPMYC is free if you are a LP member already.

Contact: Michel Roure


We don’t have a fix schedule for sailing as a club yet.  As our membership grows, we will set up an email chain to better coordinate sailing together as a club.  


We have set up a small course for practicing in front of Johnson beach.

You’ll find us there sailing three or four times a week as the weather permits. 

Feel free to stop and chat.  Test sail one of our yachts if you don’t have your own.


Any size radio controlled sail boat is welcome.  Just no motor boats, gas or electric.  We are a sails-only club.

Don’t worry if you haven’t sailed before, or don’t have a boat of your own.  We can help you get started. 


It is a great way to get you kids off the couch and the video games.  Sailing model boats makes a great parent-child hobby too.  They will learn something new too.  So will you.

Wood Planking  

There are many ways to get started.  Buy a ready-made boat.  Build from a kit or even build from plans.

We have club members that build their own yachts. So if you think you want to try that, we can help you there too. 

Our club just finished a two “sister” IOM yachts.  Yachts can be built up plank by plank, like the ships of old were made.  


Once the planking is complete it is covered with a thin layer of fiber glass for form the water tight hull.  The whole process can be completed in about one month working a few hours a day.

In this photo you can see one of the new “sisters”, Yellow, is chasing a world class ready- made IOM, Orange.  Lots of fun.  It is very satisfying to build and sail your own IOM.

Plus, conditions on our lake are perfect for this class of radio controlled yacht.


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Regatta 2017  




We are planning our second annual Regatta in July.  To hold a Regatta’s, we invite other Model Yacht clubs to come and race with us on the Lake.  Many of the Skippers that attend have been sailing for years.  It will be an all day event.  Sailing will start around 10 am and our last race will be 3:30 pm weather permitting.  We had a very good turn out last year.  Come and watch.  The sailing should be good.