Lake Parsippany
 Property ownerS association


Lake Parsippany is a private lake quietly nestled in the center of Parsippany-Troy Hills, in Morris County,NJ. This 168 acre lake and grounds is fully funded and maintained by membership fees and member volunteers. We receive no State, County or Township funding. Our Community welcomes everyone to join our association and enjoy a piece of the lake. 


The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association members maintain and manage all operations of the lake throughout the year. The membership preserves this beautiful natural resource through its fees and through active volunteer participation in the community.


Membership is required to participate in its many activities that include fishing in a trout stocked lake, sailing, swimming, sunbathing, competitive sports, concerts, dances, family fun nights and much more.

In addition to all of the activities available with membership, the Association also supports various Clubs and Committees.

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Visit our Activities page and find out what we have to offer. 

How to Join