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Swim Team

The swim team participates in the Hub Lakes League for Swim Meets. Children of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join the team.  Practices are held weekly in June and July and meets are usually scheduled on Monday evenings in July.  See schedule below for exact dates.  The season is wrapped up with a Pep Rally and Awards Ceremony on Hoffman Beach in July, the Wednesday before championships.

Championships are held the first weekend in August. 

For more information or questions on joining the swim team please send and email to lakeparsippanyswimteam@gmail.com

You can also submit your interest by sending information via below form:

2021 Swim Team Application (google.com)

We will primarily use team snap to communicate with you so once you register you will be added and we can communicate that way. 

But here is the link to our Facebook page:  Pirate Swim Team 2021 | Facebook

Fundraisers help raise funds for the team

  Parent Representative: Jenn DeStefano                           

  Parent Representative: Open Position

 Fundraiser Chair: Open Position

       We would like to get these positions filled.  Please consider donating some time to help the team out.



start Wednesday 6/23     

Monday through Friday 

9:00 - 9:30 (most likely 10 and under)

9:30 - 10:30 (11 and over)

Additionally Tuesday and Thursday

 5:30 - 6:30 pm


                             2021 HUB LAKES SWIM MEET SCHEDULE

 Monday 6/28 Rock Ridge PIRATE BRST/MDLY & 50 free
Monday 7/5  Indian PIRATEFLY/FREE & 100 FREE
Monday 7/12 Mountain PIRATEBRST/MDLY & 50 free
Monday 7/26 PIRATE CedarBRST/MDLY & 50 free

                        DUAL MEET TIMING:  WARM UPS START AT 6:00 PM AND MEETS START AT 6:30 PM

Upcoming events

Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 62

Parsippany, NJ 07054