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Darts Team

Hub Lakes Dart League
We welcome any new shooters 
to the dart club.

Matches are scheduled for Friday nights during January, February and March. 

 If you are interested in joining our team,


Hub Lakes Dart Schedule 2024

12 Jan

19 Jan

26 Jan

2 Feb

9 Feb

16 Feb

23 Feb

1 Mar

8 Mar

15 Mar

Arrowhead @ Cedar

Rainbow @ Indian

Arrowhead @ Wht Meadow

Rock Ridge @ Mountain

Mountain @ Wht Meadow


Rock Ridge @ Rainbow

Indian @ Estling

Cedar @ Lake Par

Lake Par @ Estling Adams Beer Garden

Estling @ Wht Meadow

Wht Meadow @ Cedar

Estling @ Rainbow

Rainbow @ Lake Par 

Arrowhead @ Indian


Wht Meadow @ Lake Par

Cedar @ Rock Ridge

Arrowhead @ Rainbow

Rock Ridge @ Arrowhead

Indian @ Rock Ridge

Lake Par @ Mountain

Indian @ Lake Par

Estling @ Arrowhead

Lake Par @ Rock Ridge


Indian @ Cedar

Rainbow @ Wht Meadow

Estling @ Mountain

Rainbow @ Cedar

Mountain @ Rainbow

Rock Ridge @ Estling

Cedar @ Mountain

Wht Meadow @ Indian

Cedar @ Estling


Mountain @ Arrowhead

Lake Par @ Arrowhead

Wht Meadow @ Rock Ridge

Mountain @ Indian

Lake Par
- Bye

- Bye

Rock Ridge
- Bye

- Bye

- Bye


- Bye

- Bye

- Bye

Wht Meadow - Bye

Playoffs – Top 8 teams make the playoffs. If there are fewer than 8 teams playing the season, the empty spot(s) in the bracket will be treated as byes for the higher seeded team.

First round - 1 seed plays 8 seed, 2 seed plays 7 seed, 3 seed plays 6 seed and 4 seed plays 5 seed. 1v8 and 4v5 will bracket together and 2v7 and 3v6 will bracket together to determine matchups for the semifinals. See last page for bracket with consolation games.

Higher seed will host game. If higher seed does not have a board, then an agreed upon location will be determined.

Notes – No darts on Valentines/Presidents Day weekend, February 16th .
Also, no darts on Easter weekend, March 29April 7. 

Make up week – March 22, 2023. Should inclement weather cause cancellation of a match or matches, they will be made up this week. No matches will take place on Easter weekend.

First playoff round date – April 5, 2024.

Semifinals date – April 12, 2024

Championship date – April 19, 2024

Link to League Stats

LINK to League Rules

2023 League champions

From Left to right: Joe, Earl, Connor, Ryan, Josh, Sebastian,Rob, Matt, Andy, Drew, Brendan, Kris

2018 League champions
(undefeated season)

From left to right: Dan, Peter, Brendan, Matt, Rob, Drew, Sebastian, Andy, Randy

2023 1st Place
2022 3rd Place
2021 2nd Place
2020 3rd Place
2019 6th Place
2018 1st Place
2017 5th Place

Upcoming events

Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 62

Parsippany, NJ 07054