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Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

Rules and Regulations

(Revised February 2015)

Effective March 1, 2015

Violation of any of the following LPPOA rules may result in fines upon membership renewal and/or forfeiture of membership


A.            Membership badges for the current year must be worn at all times while on LPPOA property (including Beaches, Clubhouse, and all Lake Shore areas) this does not apply to clubhouse rentals or public events sponsored by the LPPOA.

B.            Badges may be used by members in good standing of the LPPOA from the date of purchase to March 31st of the year immediately following.

C.           All children under 11 years old must be accompanied by a badge wearing adult, 17 years or older. Beach and Swimming rules apply when on the beaches.

D.    If the membership badge(s) or the parking tags are lost, replacement badges/parking tags will be provided to the members at an additional cost as mentioned :  $5 for 4 membership badges, $1 per parking tags up to 2 parking tags per membership

E.      Loaning of badges to resident non-members, including relatives that live at a different lake address, is strictly forbidden.

F.            Additional Guest badges are limited to the purchase of two. In no case can any family membership have more than five guest badges associated with it.

G.            A senior citizen’s badge (age 65 or older) and an individual badge are for use by the person to whom the badge was issued and is not to be loaned to anyone else.

H.           Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beaches or any other LPPOA property without authorization from the Board of Trustees.

I.           No cans, bottles, or any other debris are to be thrown or dumped into the lake or any other LPPOA property.

J.             Vendors shall be allowed on LPPOA property only after they have obtained permission from the Board of Trustees and provides proof of insurance

K.            Pets are not allowed anywhere on LPPOA property including swimming in the lake.

L.            Only authorized personnel are permitted to be in the Mirror Pond area.

M.            Only authorized personnel are permitted on the rock jetties that extend into or around the lake.

N.           Anyone destroying, defacing, disfiguring, injuring or damaging any properties of the Association shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

O.           It is unlawful for any person to discharge any air gun, firearms of all descriptions or fireworks anywhere on LPPOA property at any time, except when such person is authorized to do so by the Board of Trustees.

P.           No ice skating, snowmobiling, ice sailing or any other form of ice sports are permitted on Lake Parsippany or any other lake properties.

Q.            Per Local, State and Federal laws feeding of waterfowl, i.e., ducks, geese, swans is strictly prohibited.

R.           Motorized vehicles are not permitted on Lake Property except in designated parking areas. (Vehicles involved in service and rescue are not governed by this).

S.           Any person on an athletic team representing the LPPOA, whether in the Hub Lakes or any other association, must be an LPPOA member.

T.            Upon approval from the Board of Trustees, The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association will support the rules and regulations adopted by any club recognized as being part of said association.

U.            Due to safety and privacy concerns, the LPPOA has banned the use of remote controlled airborne devices, including - but not limited to - drones and model airplanes. This applies to all Lake Parsippany property, including the lake, beaches and the lakefront.




A.   Everyone in the water and on the beaches must obey the lifeguards and Beach managers or risk being ejected from the beach. In the case of children 16 and under parents will be notified.

B.   Swimming shall be allowed only in the designated swimming areas: Beach One (Drewes); Beach Two (Johnson); and Beach Four (Hoffman), and only when lifeguards are on duty.

C.   Swimming areas at each beach shall be as follows: From rope on the left side of beach, out to the raft, to the rope on the right side of the beach. No swimming beyond the ropes where rafts are not present.

D.   No person is permitted to swim outside the designated swimming areas or across the lake without prior approval of the Board of Trustees, and then only when accompanied by other persons in a boat equipped with proper safety equipment.

E.   All swimmers must leave the water as soon as thunder is heard and leave the beach if lightning is seen by the lifeguards or managers. The water front will reopen when it ceases for one-half hour or when lifeguards or managers permit.

F.   No glass containers or glass bottles are permitted on any pavilion or beach.

G.   Everyone in the water must wear proper swimming attire. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear hygienic swimming attire, such as Swimmies.

H.   Adults changing clothes on the beach is forbidden. Changing clothes of toddlers should be done discreetly.

I.     A badge-wearing adult 17 or older must accompany children under 11.

J.    No diving from the docks.

K.   No one is allowed out to the dock unless they can swim there unassisted.

L.    Flotation devices can only be brought out to chest deep water of the user.


A.            No watercraft are permitted on LPPOA property or on the lake unless owned by a member of the LPPOA and registered with the Association. The current year’s registration decal must be displayed on the OUTSIDE LEFT (port) side of the boat or topside for wind surfers. In the event a registration decal will not affix to the boat you must contact a board member to advise of the situation immediately.

B.            No watercraft are permitted in the beach areas or swim lanes at any time unless authorized by the Board of Trustees. The beach areas are from fence to fence and 75 yards from shore.

C.           Only Coast Guard approved inflatables can be used on the lake.

D.           No person shall use a boat in the lake without having Coast Guard approved life preservers or cushions for each person in the boat. Each boat must be used within the safety guidelines set for the particular boat. (Normally 4 persons or 650lbs.) Children 14 and under who are boat passengers must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times.

E.            All boats must be beached at the first sign of thunder and/or lightning.

F.            All persons on any watercraft under sail must wear a Coast Guard approved Life Preserver.

G.           No watercraft will be permitted on the lake after sunset unless authorized by the Board of Trustees and properly lighted.

H.           Launching of Boats:

    1. Launching of large boats requiring trailers will be allowed at the ramp behind the boat house or at the ramp near Drewes Beach or the ramp at Alpine Road.
    2. Small boats may be launched at any safe areas around the lake shore.       
    3. No boats shall be moored closer than 25' east of the boat ramp at the boat house.       
    4. All vehicles including trailers must be removed from the launching ramp after the boat has been launched. At no time may any vehicle block the ramp unless a boat is being launched. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the vehicle being towed.

I.     All watercraft must be removed from LPPOA property and the lake by November 15th of each year, and they are not permitted to be placed back on LPPOA property or left in the lake until the new year’s registration has been obtained and the lake is free of ice. Be aware that the lake water level will be lowered each year on or about thebeginning of October.

J.            No motor powered watercraft are permitted on the lake except those powered by electric battery motor that does not exceed 10mph or owned by the LPPOA or its representative for lake business (water testing, moving of rafts, etc.). Township rescue craft are not governed by this.)

K.            All watercraft and trailers used on other bodies of water must be washed down and free of “hitchhikers” ie zebra mussels prior to returning to lake property or placed back in the water.

L.    Boats may not be moored in or allowed access to the Drainage basins ( Everett Rd, Alpine Rd , Atlantic Rd) unless authorized by the Board of Trustees of the LPPOA.

M.  Due to State and Local Health Regulations regarding West Nile Virus, Boats moored or stored on lake property must be kept free of standing water. Boats must be emptied of standing water within 24hrs of rain event. Boats left with water in them will be removed and secured by an authorized agent of the LPPOA.



Violation of any of the above boating rules will cause the boat to be impounded by the LPPOA and will only be released after proving ownership, registering the boat (if not already registered) and paying a $75.00 assessment. Any boats unclaimed after 30 days may be disposed of by the Board of Trustees.


A.            Fishermen must wear their badges so they are clearly visible.

B.            All members fishing must have a state issued fishing license with trout stamp.

C.           Fishermen are not permitted to wade in the lake at any time.

D.           There is absolutely no fishing from the rock jetties that extend into the lake on either side of the sedimentation basins or from the swim team docks at Drewes beach.

E.            Shoreline fishing shall be permitted from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. unless authorized by the Board of Directors.

F.            No fishing is permitted in or within 75 feet of any swimming areas or swim lanes. The beach areas are from fence to fence and 75 feet from shore or swim team docks.

G.           No fishing is permitted in Mirror Pond without approval of the Board of Trustees.

H.           No fishing is permitted within 15 feet either side of any boat ramp. At the boathouse, this includes the area between the dock and the flagpole.

I.             All state laws pertaining to boats, motors, water safety, and fishing will be enforced.

J.            No ice fishing.

K.            No club, organization, or individual shall stock any fish without proof of proper state stocking permits and prior approval of the Board of Trustees.

L.            Catch and release fishing will be in effect with the exception of stocked trout.



A.            No vehicle or trailer shall be allowed to park on LPPOA property during  the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. year round, and any such vehicle will be towed off the property at the owner’s expense. This does not apply to the clubhouse parking area.

B.            No vehicles shall be allowed to park on LPPOA property at any time except in the designated parking areas. Any vehicle in violation will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Designated parking areas:

  1. Beach #1. Drewes; Parking will be in the 3 paved areas to the north and south of the pavilion.

2.    Beach #2 Johnson; Parking will be on the left of the pavilion within the curb cut area.

3.    Beach #4. Hoffman; Parking will be in the 2 paved areas to the east and west of the pavilion.

4.    Boathouse: Parking will be any safe place that does not block access to the boat ramp. 1 space in front of building is for 5 minute parking only to allow access into building.

5.    Alpine Road Boat Basin: Parking will be any safe place that does not block access to the boat ramp.


C.   Vehicles parked on any boat ramp not engaged in loading and unloading of watercraft will be towed at owner’s expense without warning.

D.           A two-car space must be left open for emergency and police use in front of the gates at all beaches.

E.            All motor vehicles parked on LPPOA property must display a membership car tag with a current year sticker on the rear view mirror. Any vehicle without identification is subject to towing at the owners expense.

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