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Lake Parsippany Fishing Club

Email: lakeparfishingclub@gmail.com

ATTENTION: If you use the Fishbrain APP, please remove Lake Parsippany from where caught. People use this APP to fish our lake and they are not members.


The Fishing Club will host a trout tournament on April 16. Fee to participate is $1. Registration at the boat house starts at 9AM - must be a LPPOA member in good standing. Bring your membership badge or LPPOA paid receipt. Recognition for catches will be shared at registration. Contest time 9AM - 3PM.

The Lake Parsippany dart team is sponsoring the prizes for the trout contest. We hope everyone catches 3 trout, we hope no one catches 0 trout, it will be nice if everyone catches at least 1 trout.

Thank you Dart team 

ALL biggie tagged trout are sponsored!!! Thanks to the following for their contributions. If you catch a tagged trout, take a pic of you with your trophy catch and a pic of the tag to:  lakeparfishingclub@gmail.com.

  • $25 value - 17-19" ==> Cam Capuano
  • $25 value - 17-19" ==> Eva Capuano
  • $50 value - 19-21" ==> NJ Dragon Boat Club
  • $50 value - 19-21" ==> Dan Nazarro
  • $75 value - 23-25" ==> Pulkit Desai
  • $75 value - 23-25" ==> Councilman Frank Neglia
  • $100 value - 25"+  ==> Mayor Jamie Barberio
  • $100 value - 23-24”  ==> Suprum Family in memory of Tony Suprum Sr.

THANK YOU LPPOA community!!!


Upcoming events

Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 62

Parsippany, NJ 07054