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Lake Parsippany Fishing Club


Officers: Ellen L, Tim B, Tony S, Kevin M.

ATTENTION: If you use the Fishbrain APP, please remove Lake Parsippany from where caught. People use this APP to fish our lake and they are not members.

CLARIFICATION ON Lake Fishing Rule: "No fishing is permitted in or within 75 feet of any swimming areas or swim lanes. The beach areas are from fence to fence and 75 feet from shore or swim team docks.". 

  • Anglers may not cast into these NO FISHING areas even if they are physically standing or in a vessel outside the areas described as NO FISHING ZONES. The reason is that we don't need our fellow lake members who are bathing or wading in these areas to get hook onto errant fishing tackle. Let's keep everyone safe

2022-3 Club Overview

  • Officers:  Ellen (Pres), Tim (VP), Kevin (Warden), Tony (Ranger)
  • Hosted 12+ fishing contests
  • Hosted 4 days of fishing lessons
  • Hosted 3 novice events
  • Loaned out 12 fishing gear to youth and novice anglers
  • Organized 1 field trip (sadly cancelled due to weather concerns)
  • Coordinated 2 trout stocking event

2024 Club activities

  • March 30 - Trout stocking at Boat House at 9AM prompt
  • April 6 - Fishing club Trout contest starts! Catch a tagged fish and receive sponsored gifts!
  • 5 Fishing contests
  • 4 Novice fishing lessons
  • 2-3 Novice fishing events
  • fishing gear loan program
  • Purchase our LP Fishing Club hat!!!  We have a couple LPFC hats left. $17 for the embroidered logo hat, with mesh backing and adjustable velcro strap. 

2024 Tagged trout sponsors

  • Wall Landscaping
  • J. Barbiero
  • NJ Dragon Boat Club
  • Dan Nazzaro
  • Don Phelps Crew
  • Ladies Club
  • Siempier Crew
  • Other sponsors welcome!!!

2024 NJ Free Fishing Days = June 1 and Oct 19


Upcoming events

Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 62

Parsippany, NJ 07054