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We are in the process of updating our FAQs to reflect most latest information, please give us few days to sort it out.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA)?

A: The LPPOA is a private lake association that maintains the lake, beaches, Clubhouse and other common property for the benefit of the Lake Parsippany community. 

Q: What is a Property Easement?

A: The Court found Lake Parsippany is a common interest community and that each of the 2200 property owners had been granted rights to the use of the common properties, including the lake, by virtue of an easement in their chain of title to their property, and by the fact that their lots are depicted on a map filed with Morris County at the time of the original development of the community.

Q: What is the Assessment?

A: The basic premise is that with the benefit of having certain deeded rights, you need to help with the burden of maintenance. The concept is often referred to as “Fair Share”. Basically, every home within the original purchase tract of Lake Parsippany will be required to pay annual dues. The annual dues for membership allow the property owners and their family members full privileges in the community. For details of all privileges available, please visit our  Membership Page.

Q: Who determines what fee I must pay?

A: The community elects or the existing board members appoints members to the LPPOA board to represent community interest and fiduciary obligation to LPPOA. The board collectively assesses the costs for operating the lake to determine the yearly budget and the membership dues are determined based on the approved budget in an LPPOA board meeting

Q: What is the Original Purchase Tract(OPT)?

A: The map of Lake Parsippany was approved by the Township and filed with the Morris County Clerk at the time of the original development of the community, in eight sections, between 1933 and 1935. The properties included on that map are referred to as the original purchase tract. 

Q: Why has the LPPOA imposed a mandatory assessment?

A: The LPPOA must comply with state regulations related to lakes and dams. The LPPOA also pays for taxes, insurance, lake water quality management and dam inspections, which became increasingly difficult to manage with only voluntary payments. Because of these obligations, multiple courts in New Jersey have affirmed the rights of a private lake association to assess all properties in their community, even when membership was previously voluntary. After reviewing the status of the law, in 2017, LPPOA imposed a mandatory assessment of all residents of the community as a basic maintenance fee.

Q: Can the LPPOA do this?

A: Yes, according to the Court. A group of property owners (Plaintiffs) filed a lawsuit against LPPOA in opposition to the mandatory fee, and the entire community was later joined in a class action suit. The Plaintiffs argued that LPPOA did not have the authority to assess them, and the community, if it ever existed, had been abandoned long ago. The Court found not only did LPPOA have the authority to impose a mandatory assessment, but that it had administered the assessment fairly.  

Q: Who is affected?

A: All properties that fall within the original purchase tract of Lake Parsippany are members of LPPOA, as a result of the litigation. So all of them are affected.

Q: What is the cost of membership?

A: Please visit our Membership Page for details.

Q: Will I receive an invoice?

A: Yes, invoices for 2021 will go out in April. For members who have paid the assessment each year, the invoice will include dues for 2021 only. If your property is not current on any dues from 2017 to 2020, the amount outstanding will be included in the 2021 invoice accordingly. Details regarding payment will be included in the invoice. You can also access the invoice online from our website.

Q: What if I own multiple properties within the original purchase tract?

A: Each property that is owned as a separate lot will be assessed separately. The owner is responsible for each property’s assessment. Each individual property is entitled to full membership including voting rights, badges, etc.

Q: What happens if membership fees are not paid?

A: The association has a collection policy that is posted on our website.  In short there are late fees and if the membership remains unpaid it is turned over to the attorney for collection activity.  In 2020 the Board extended the due date from April 1 to July 30 in consideration of the impact resulting from the COVID Pandemic.  In 2021 the Board has extended the due date from April 1 to May 31.  Membership dues and assessments are mandatory. As the litigation was settled, all property owners will be given until the due date to bring their account current, including any prior assessments that were not paid. Owners who do not pay will be considered “not in good standing” under LPPOA’s By-Laws and the law affecting common interest communities.  LPPOA has established a collection policy that will make the delinquent membership fee, late payment charge and costs of collections, including attorney’s fees, the responsibility of the delinquent property owner. Accounts that are not current will be assessed with late fees, then turned over for collections proceedings. Detailed information of the amount due for each account will be clearly stated in the invoice that is being sent to those property owners. If there are any additional questions, you can refer to the Collection Letter to understand your past due. 

Q: What is a member in good standing? 

A:  Members in good standing are defined as members who have paid membership dues, assessments, fines, late payment charges, collection costs and are in compliance with all By-Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies of LPPOA. Exceptions are made in certain circumstances, in compliance with statues and regulations governing common interest communities.

Q: If LPPOA is unable to open the lake and its activities this year, will there be a refund?

A: While we are still hoping to open the lake, LPPOA will of course follow all state and local regulations and orders during the coronavirus emergency. As you can see from the budget, a large part of the costs are fixed, such as taxes, insurance, administration, etc. We may also incur additional costs this year in order to secure LPPOA property, address legal issues, and compliance with emergency orders. In the event our year-end financials reflect a net gain due to the shutdown of facilities, that gain can be considered for dues and assessments for 2022. However, in the event we cannot open certain facilities and offer certain activities, we will not be offering any refunds to any members.

Q: How do I join a Club?

A. LPPOA offers many opportunities for those who want to join a Club. Please see the website for a description of each Club, when they meet, and contact information.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the bylaws?

A: The bylaws can be found on the website under the “About” section of the website.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the Rules and regulations.

A: The Rules and Regulations can be found on the website under the ”About” section of the website.

Q: When are budget meetings?

A: All information about the budget process and budget meetings can be found in the Bylaws. Art. II, Ch. 3.  Meetings are also noticed on the calendar on the website.  

Q: How is the board elected and how long is each term?

A: All information about the Board elections can be found in the Bylaws. Art. IV.

Q: Last year I paid $115 for basic maintenance of the Lake and its properties. Why do I have to pay $195 this year?

A:  The originally assessed amount of $115 was developed based on the 2015 budget year.  It was anticipated that the budget would change with all properties joining.  The lawsuit in 2017 prevented any further activity on the budget until it resolved in October of 2019.  At that time, it was too late to adjust the budget and the decision was made to proceed with the $115 amount.  The 2021 budget is based upon actual expenditure of 2020 as well as more accurate and up to date estimates for 2021. Many options for the fee structure were proposed and discussed at great length, however in consideration of the 2021 budget, and to comply with the DCA requirements, a $195.00 fee was decided as a membership fee for 2021.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the 2021 budget?

A: The LPPOA budget for current year can be found on the website under the “About” section of the website. 

Q: Is the LPPOA accepting membership from non-property owners?

A: Non-Property owners (renters) residing within the original purchase tract (rental properties) may join as members with certain restrictions.  Visit the membership page on our website for more details. Our long-time members from outside of the Original Purchase Tract may continue to renew their memberships.  No new memberships from outside of the Lake Community (OPT) are being accepted.

Q: With the ongoing COVID-19 issue can the LPPOA extend the late payment due date?

A: Yes, with full understanding of the financial difficulties resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic, the board members have extended the membership payment due date from April 1, 2021 until May 31, 2021.

Q: I have not received my boat tags or badges yet.  Can I still use the property?

A: Membership badges and boat tags will be mailed out in the coming weeks.  You are welcome to use the property as usual. While you wait for the tags and badges, please carry proof of payment while on the LPPOA property.

Q:  I did not own the property in 2017, why am I responsible to pay this?

A: All properties are required to pay fees for 2017. The owner of the property was served with a class action suit in 2017 and should have informed any buyer of the pending lawsuit. You will need to discuss this with your attorney and title company as this should have been disclosed at time of closing.

Q: What is the Board doing to keep membership fees from increasing?

A: Every year the board works diligently to review the budget and expenses to run the lake, and the membership fee is structured to meet those obligations. We are also aiming to reduce the collection balance and legal fees.  Ideally, if all members paid the assessed fees, it would help the board keep the membership fees at a stable rate. 

Q: Can LPPOA have one membership fee?

A:  In 2021, the LPPOA has assessed one fee.

Q: Why can’t there be a cap on fees?

A: It is the intention to keep all fees as low as possible, but the board must meet the ongoing expenses and obligations of LPPOA, including maintenance and restoration of reserve accounts. In addition, we need to plan for emergencies that occur where money would need to be taken from reserves. The original plan was to use the back fees from 2018 and 2019 to replenish the reserves but many members voiced concerns about doing so, and now the reserves must be addressed in the budget planning process.

Q: What is to stop fees from rising to an unaffordable level?

A: It is true that expenses increase annually but the Board has no intention of raising fees without reasonable justification. While we hope all residents will pay their fair share, it will take some time to determine how many will be in arrears each year. However, the goal is to keep the dues and assessments reasonable and stable. Consider if every property paid $700, the budget would be about 1.4 million dollars.  That is just not required to operate the lake.  Keep in mind, however, that the fees to maintain the lake and property also include taxes and insurance costs, which will fluctuate.


Q: What’s the plan to open the beaches?

A:  We would like to open all beaches, but they require extensive repair. The determination of whether to open the additional beaches will be based on membership use, anticipated income and other expenses. Each beach costs about $25-30k per year to operate. That is a significant investment if the amenity is not fully leveraged. We are in the process of hiring beach managers and lifeguards. Depending on that progress, we will announce if and when we can open the beach, including days and times it will be open.


Q: Now that all 2200 property owners have access to all benefits, how will the access to beach, parking in parking lot, etc. be managed?

A: All access would be first come first serve basis, if the beach reaches a capacity for the day, we will have to turn the members away for the day.

Q: I have been sending questions via contact us, however either the response was very late, or I didn’t receive a response at all. What is going on?

A: Remember that the LPPOA Board is composed of volunteers, each board member must balance their personal responsibilities to their jobs and families as well as to the community.  Your patience is appreciated.  All questions are being read and then answered as quickly and reasonably as possible. In some cases, the questions are referred to another person, and that takes time. 

Q: Previously we could bring a guest to the beach, now that all 2200 members have access to all LPPOA facilities, will guests be allowed?

A: Every household get 4 badges. If your household has more people; upon verification, we will accommodate with extra badges at no cost. If we are able to open the beach; you will be allowed to purchase day passes for the guests, however, that is subject to making certain members have priority. All guests must be accompanied by the member who has invited the guest.

Q: Are we going to be able to rent the beach for a birthday party or other events as we were used to before?

A: Even though it was allowed in the past, now we have 2200 members to adjust for. We will make the proper announcements once we make a decision on that.

Q:  Last year I never got my badges. When it was for 400+ full members? What is LPPOA doing to make sure this year with all 2200 members having all benefit all the membership material will be sent to members (badges, car tags, boat tags etc.)?

A: Last year was an extra ordinary year with COVID and membership jumping from 400 to 2200. This year we have ordered credit card style badges and once they arrive, we will announce dates and times when you can come pick them up at the club house.

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