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Attorney Letter to Membership

November 17, 2015 10:30 PM | Sebastian Ostolaza (Administrator)

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Subject: [Maillist] LAKE PARSIPPANY FAIR SHARE UPDATE 11-16-15

Fair Share Update 

Four members of the board met with our attorney on Tuesday November 10 to discuss questions and procedural items towards the implementation of fair share.  The letter that was distributed to the members in attendance at the November Board meeting as well as via email following the meeting.             (see attached)The same letter will be posted in the December News and Views. 

The results of the meeting with the attorney indicated that we as an association have work to do together to see this through.  Many of you asked about committees and wanting to get involved in the process.  The Board wants this to be driven by the membership not decided by the board. 

At this time in a high level we will need to address the 4 M’s, Membership Management, Marketing and Maintenance.

Membership we will need to look at the overall structure in place as well as look at the original borders of the lake.

Management we will need to look at the financial and day to day operation of the lake.

Marketing we will need to look at how we can best promote fair share to our resident non members.

Maintenance we will need to look at our current maintenance program and determine what should be covered by fair share, where we need to increase maintenance to meet the needs of the facility. 

Like the clubhouse purchase, the Board and its members only acted as facilitators and resource.  No board members sat on any of these committees.  The board created the parameters and the committee took it from there.  The membership,  not the board,  voted between 2 final recommendations. 

Since the current operation of the lake cannot be over shadowed, and that the members of standing committees have to focus on their current responsibilities,  we really need people to serve on these committees.  Ideally we want a person to serve on only one. 

The formal start of these committees will be in February as the board will need to discuss the parameters for each of the committees before kicking them off.  When that time comes we will be looking for volunteers with backgrounds in finance, accounting, marketing legal and business management as well as those with a genuine interest in assisting in any way possible.


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